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He's my angel by petethepiranha1
He's my angel
"I knew he was my guardian angel, because when trouble comes he's always there" 

Um yeah fanart for my friends story he has no face since he hasn't appeared yet!
Oh fuck man the wings and arms ugh!! You better update a chapter since this took me a while !!!
Oh in it's not mature content since the wings cover everything so I don't want to hear shit!!
Characters belong to my good friend
and her story is called "My life's been turned upside-down!"
P.s Hi~
As the title reads please also check the time this was uploaded.-
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  I felt the knife plunged in through my shoulder I screamed the blonde man smirked at the pain I felt. When the knife was release I looked towards my left and saw my ‘friends’ but that didn't catch my eye what caught it was the female the one I fought for I loved her but she loved another. The man I was fighting was the one she loved. She looked horrified at the site in front of her.
I kicked him off and felt something kick in my brain animal instincts I guess. I immediately felt angry and jumped on top of him and started to punch him everywhere. I heard her yelling to stop but I couldn't I just kept punching him. Someone grabbed my shoulder probably Mathew. I turned and hissed at him. He moved away fear in his eyes. Marty punched my face while I was distracted. My saliva was thickening with poison so I grabbed his arm and bit him making sure the poison made contact with his blood. I heard him scream in agony I got off of him and looked at Catherine
“He’ll be dead in three days without a cure and I’m not giving him the cure”
I heard Mathew mutter “you think it would be instant”
I stared at him “it is I just want him to suffer”
Catherine looked at me with tears streaming down her face “you y-you monster.”
“I heard that a million times what makes you think saying it would do” I started to walk away
“Please help him”
I looked back “I don’t help a lost cause”
On the way from walking I grabbed my back pack and went to grab a teleporting bead but someone stopped me. I saw an old woman looking at me.
“How do you know my name?”
She smiled “I've been watching you and the others”
“What you’re going to change my mind and help Marty because lady it’s not happening”
She frowned “no but I could use you since you never age”
“I do”
“Sweetie I know your real age and it’s not 15”
That freaked me out a bit. I stepped back and grabbed the bead and crushed it. I appeared home I felt relieved and tossed my bag against the bed I grabbed bandages to cover my shoulder
“Another scar to the collection”
I grabbed a boxed marked food and walked around to feed my pets
“hey guys just got back from where ever I was and well hurt my shoulder and my face may look weird but don’t worry I’m ok”
I fed them all and sat down next to Chris my dog
“I’m not sure why I have a dog I’m just going to end up depressed”
He looked at me strange and sat on my lap snuggling my side
“Want to go for a swim buddy?”
He nodded but barked but faced my shoulder
“Its fine bud water won’t hurt me”
He nodded we went for a swim and my shoulder started to hurt badly so I got out and saw that the wound was bleeding green
“I never saw that before”
Went back inside to where my bag was and grabbed my mirror to call my witch friend
“Mirror mirror on the wall may I call Sophie?”
The mirror showed smoke and I saw Sophie there
“Pete I was about to call you”
I smiled
“Hey Sophie I kind of need help”
“With what?”
“I got stabbed in the shoulder and its oozing green”
“Oh so they stabbed you with oxfords blade”
“Oxford? What’s that?”
“Don’t worry just don’t go out in the water it infects the wound”
“I was swimming earlier”
“Oh then drink one of your potions”
I grunted
“They taste horrible”
“Well either heal now or be in severe pain later”
“Fine I got to go anyways”
She ended it and I grabbed the red potion from the shelf
“Well here goes nothing”
I drank it and almost threw up from the taste afterwards I laid down and slept. I woke up from a crash. I quietly got up and saw a dark figure in the hallway
“Come on guys he has to here somewhere”
I saw one of the snakes crawling out their cage toward the person I quickly moved out of the way I was still wearing my shorts. I walked around my room grabbing my stuff as in potions and recipes. I heard a scream and it sounded like Catherine
“It’s a snake!”
“Must have been when Mathew dropped the tank.”
“Where is he?”
I grabbed the cure and stuffed it in the bag I let out a snake in my room softly hissing at it to close the door to the garage. I can speak reptile. I saw Chris on the ground with blood around him
“I’m not sure why you killed the dog I mean he was just watching us”
“Yeah risk the dog warning us when we don’t see him”.
That angered me and I hissed a low note causing all the snakes to attack they don’t kill so I wouldn't worry I grabbed a bead and ran towards Catherine grabbing her I crushed the bead causing us to disappear in water vapor.
We appeared in my secret base. I placed her on a chair and snapped my finger and the wood attached to her making her stuck to the chair.
“How do you know where I live?”
She kept struggling to get off the chair
“Some doctor told us”
My eyes widen no not him
“What was his name?”
She didn't answer I raised my hand
“What was his name?”
Her eyes widen
“Archie Evil”
She spoke fast but I caught it I lowered my hand and sat on the floor. I covered my face and cried. Catherine looked at me
“Why are you crying if anything I should be crying since Marty going to die because of you?”
I looked at her
“He’s a monster”
“No you are”
“Really well guess who made me”
Her face looked confused I sighed
“I figure that someone should know but first is Tyler there”
“He didn't mention him”
I nodded
“Good at least he hasn't found him”
I got up to pour a glass of whisky I took a sip feeling the usual burn on my throat
“Could never get use to that, anyways Archie didn't make me he wanted to study me so he could become what I am”
“A hybrid?”
“No immortal but I’m not immortal I just can’t die from common things”
“What can you die from?”
I looked at her funny
“I’m not that stupid”
“Worth a shot”
“What did he want from me anyways?”
“He said that if we got your DNA that he could find a cure for Marty”
I started laughing
“He lied to you to find the cure for that you need the poison I gave him”
She started to cry
“I just wanted to help Marty”
“Yeah well you screwed him over he’s probably under an experiment right now”
I drank the rest. She started crying I snapped my fingers and she was released I grabbed a bead and tossed it to her she caught it
“Crush it and it’ll teleport you where you want to be”
She looked at me
“But why”
“Well you sent a crazy person after me and then killed my dog but either way I still love you” she walked up close to me and I leaned down she pecked my lips and whispered
“That only makes this easier”
I felt a searing pain on my side and it spread throughout my body. I caused me to collapsed onto the ground
“You see Marty doesn't deserve to die you do but first you got to suffer”
I was shaking and foam started to come out of my mouth. I managed to choke out my words
“What did you do?”
She smiled
“I used a serum Archie gave me said it should make you suffer”
I went towards my backpack to grab something.
“I don’t think so Pete”
She kicked the bag out of the way the mirror fell out I whispered
“Mirror mirror on the wall call the witch”
I saw the light trickle. I started coughing up blood
“Sophie help”
I felt something move close to my face and saw Catherine’s leg. I used all my strength and bit her I had poison rimed around my teeth.
She screamed
“If I die I’m taking you with me”
She kicked my face making me roll to the side. She fell to the floor also in pain. I saw Sophie appear from the mirror and she saw me and screamed
I smiled and saw dark mist clouding my vision Sophie grabbed something and put on my mouth I recognized the taste but didn't care I swallowed it and Sophie had my head on her lap
“Come on Pete please be ok please be ok”
The pain subsided but still wasn't tolerable I heard Catherine spassing out on the floor.
“Sophie you know I can die right”
I saw her crying
“Common Pete we know you can’t your centuries old”
I smiled
“Anything can die even the oldest turtle can”
“I gave you the potion Pete please stop thinking negative”
I looked at my arm and saw black veins surrounding my arms.
“Sophie he gave me frostier I may be alive but I’m not going to be myself gets away while you can”
She looked at me
“What do you mean?”
“he going to control me it’s a nervous system controller known as frostier Sophie please get away while you can I really don’t want to hurt you”
I felt the pain resurface and I screamed I moved to my side coughing whatever came up either blood or the potion.
“Sophie…pleases get a-away”
She got up and I heard her whisper
“I’ll find a way to save you Pete”
She grabbed the syringe and disappeared. I felt exhausted and laid down hoping she’ll find a way. Catherine was still shaking and crawled to my backpack grabbing the cure and injected her with it. She stopped moving but was still alive. I picked a bead and pressed it.  I passed out knowing that when I awake I won’t be myself I’ll be with him.

“We’ll look who’s on time”.

End of chapter one...
Monster Chapter one: the begining
Ok here's the story 
 the way they look is going to be explained later on sorry if you don't know how they look to add a description is separate from the story ill explain in chapter four 

Copyrights are to me if you wish to use a character please ask before posting or publishing and this story must not be copied in fanfic or any form the plot is entirely from my head and please don't copy it my head hurts enough from making this bad enough i'm insane from everything.


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